2022 Trends: The Year of Gloss, Fluffy Brows & Rosy Cheeks

Surely we’ve seen it all by now? The short answer: no. 

Season on season and year on year, we’re seeing a myriad of makeup trends hit the scene from Insta, Pinterest and through to red carpets and runways. There’s been some winners and certainly some trends that left us shook, so what are we expecting for 2022? Colour will be put on loud, sparkle will be here to stay, blush is back, gloss is a go, and the brows – fluffier than ever.

Get on the wagon or watch it roll by as these are our top five 2022 makeup trends unleashed.

Since 2019, every year has been the ‘year of fluffy brows’ for us, and now we’re excited to see the world is catching up! 2020 and 2021 saw the rise of bushy and ‘feather’ brows and now we’re already seeing the fluff get fluffier. Expect to see full, brushed-up brows with plenty of body and fierce bulbs at all angles from couture runways to cafes. And now, our Fluffy Brows brow soap finally has its time to shine. 

Turns out, we’re moving on from contouring and returning to rosier days. This year our cheeks are in the limelight with blush moving north, creating high cheekbones and pinker complexions. The traditional blush rules have been thrown out the window and it’s all about being playful rather than precise placement. ‘Blush draping’ is what you’ll be seeing and hearing, and it refers to draping the colour low, vintage-style, or high from the cheek bone to the temple. 

Pucker up because gloss has been given the green light once again! Sure, lipstick may last longer but gloss oozes fun! From what the experts are saying, shinier the gloss the better. Either add a clear gloss over your fave matte lipstick, or be bold and have fun with a bright colour and high shine. Orange and pink lips are said to be this year's shades so get ready for brighter days ahead. 

From thick wings, cat-eye, all-rounded, and more, we’ve seen a plethora of liner trends come and go, and this year it’s elevated once again. Toward the end of 2021 high-fashion dabbled with geometric shapes, and now colours are following suit. This year expect to see liner art with plenty of negative space, more geo' shapes and multi-line work in a range of bright hues. On the contrary when it’s time to go classic, “kitten eyeliner” is making a resurgence, too – a nice subtle yet smokey smudge look. 

One thing’s for sure – 2022’s trends are playful and fun, and this goes for eyeshadows too, with plenty of shimmer and sparkle ready to run free. Think bronzed and metallic shades with plenty of shimmer. Otherwise, pair your go-to matte shadow in a nice pink hue with a slight sparkle of glitter over the top just like Gigi Hadid.

Andddd, the list could go on. The main lessons from our forecast research revolves around creative flair, frivolity, and fun – getting back to the basis of makeup – to make US feel good. Yet, while we’re at it, we’re also seeing a touch of sustainability really take hold with mineral makeup coming out on top (yay for us!), refillable compacts and conscious packaging. All in all, it’s a yes from us.




 Thumbnail image: @reneejean_makeup