Becoming More Environmentally-Friendly

Satori Minerals has been looking into some more environmentally-friendly packaging options to ensure we are doing what we can to #reducereuserecycle. We have always had recyclable paper compacts available for our powders, but we knew there was more that we could do.

We used our time in lock-down (Thanks Covid19) to look at how we could improve our business practices. This led us to making the switch from plastic/silicone applicator wands over to biodegradable bamboo applicator wands in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans and landfill. 

There are 3 ways that you can recycle your bamboo wands.

1) You can keep your applicator wand as a brow/lash brush.

2) You can unscrew the brush (made from wire and synthetic fibres) and put this in the bin, and put the biodegradable bamboo wand into your compost.

3) You can send your used (clean!) wands to Wands For Wildlife or your local animal rescue. These brushes are very effective at removing mites and fleas from animal fur and will be put to good use!

But if you forget and throw it into your regular rubbish bin, you can find comfort in knowing that bamboo is a sustainable source that will naturally break-down in the refuge.