Refillable Compacts

You asked, and we have delivered!

One thing that our eco-conscious customers have been suggesting for a while is refillable packaging. Unfortunately this is difficult to provide (especially in the current climate with Covid-19!), as it presents problems with hygiene and quality control which becomes a legal/liability issue.

HOWEVER! When it comes to our Baked Foundations, we have found a way to give you some packaging options. We are now offering reusable compacts that you can keep to refill next time you order.

1) Order your Baked Foundation in a refillable compact.
2) Once you have used up your powder, pop out the terracotta pan using a spatula.
3) Order your next powder as 'pan only' (naked, with no packaging).

Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, our stockists will be unable to provide the refill service for you. But when you notice that your powder is running low, you will be able to order your pan in (from our website or via our stockists) and change over the pan yourself at home. If this system does not work for you, we still have our paper compacts available which can be recycled or disposed of where they will naturally break down. 

We are excited to offer you more freedom of choice and we would like to thank you for your feedback and for caring for our environment.