The Secret To Airbrushed Foundation Revealed By Our Director

The 'airbrush effect' – so desired, yet so hard to nail.. until now. 

Our Director has been using a secret technique to set her foundation to look effortlessly flawless. Keeping it tight-lipped, we thought it was her gifted skin, yet when our Marketing Manager pulled her up at a recent event questioning why her foundation was next-level that fine day, Bell spilled the details. 

Now that we've tried and tested it ourselves, it's safe to say this is revolutionary. 

The wearability is event-worthy (even on a Summer's day) while the result is seamless and oh-so-glowy. 

By following the simple steps below using our No Filter Liquid Foundation & Baked Mineral Powder, elevate your makeup to new, airbrushed heights without needing a makeup artist on-hand, or in sight. 


It's all in the preparation. Using a pea-sized amount of Under Cover Mineral Primer, evenly massage onto the face using an outwards motion. 


Apply our No Filter Foundation using a damp sponge and/or brush and build for desired coverage. Let it sit for a minute or two. 


Here's the real magic. Using a damp flat kabuki brush, run the brush over the foundation compact in circular motions. Press onto the face, paying particular attention to the t-zone. Brush outwards and evenly. This will add an extra barrier against the elements, set your liquid foundation and clearly – finish off your look with a glow. 

Need to match your foundation shades to your powders? See our colour chart here

No Filter Foundations x 3Baked Mineral Foundation