The Trick To Eyeliner Pencil.

If you avoid using eyeliner pencils because you can't seem to get a consistent line, then this is the blog post for you! Here are our top tips for applying eyeliner pencil.

1) Sharpen the pencil before use to ensure you get a clean, crisp line.

2) If the pencil is cold it will be harder to use. Soften it up by drawing gently on the back of your hand. This will smooth over any rough edges left from the sharpener and apply a bit of warmth to the product so it glides across your eyelid better.

3) Hold the pencil on an angle as you apply, don't use the tip perpendicular to the skin. A smaller surface area of the pencil touching the skin can cause it to 'skip' more, leaving gaps in the line. By almost using the side of the pencil tip, it will help to create a smoother line.

4) If you do end up with gaps in the line, use a little brush with a thin flat edge (like an angled brush) to smudge over the line. This will ensure the same thickness of the line across the eye, and you can use the tip of the brush to finish off the line into a point.