What is a CC Cream?

In makeup terms, 'CC' stands for 'Colour Corrective'. Generally speaking, a Colour Corrective Cream is one that helps to disguise discolourations in the skin, such as pigmentation and dark circles, as well as some scars, birthmarks and blemishes.

What is the difference between a CC Cream and a BB Cream?

A 'BB' Cream is a 'Beauty Balm' - think of it like a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser. They come in a range of colours to suit different skin tones and are great product for when you need a quick application just to duck out somewhere. Beauty Balms are quite popular with teens and mature women because they offer some coverage without looking too heavy and obvious... But you can cheat and create your own a Beauty Balm effect by mixing a foundation with a primer or a moisturiser.

A Colour Corrective is different because it is not designed to match your skin tone exactly.

The way that a CC Cream works is by using a gold (sometimes a green/gold) undertone which counteracts purple, maroon and red tones in the skin (such as capillaries, sun damage etc:). It can also assist in concealing blue tones such as veins that may be visible through the skin.

But if a CC Cream has a gold/green colour, how will it match my skin?

The goal is not to colour match to your skin, but to use a level of pigment appropriate for your skin tone and the discolouration that you are intending to disguise. You also need to keep in mind that if you apply the product too liberally it will appear obvious, and so you will need to blend it out so that there are no visible edges. As a result, a CC Cream will not completely cover strong pigmentation (such as a port wine birthmark, or a mole etc:) But you can use it to tone down the appearance of rosacea, chloasma and other skin conditions without looking like you are wearing much makeup. And the great thing is, a Colour Corrective can be used effortlessly on its own or to create a neutral canvas before applying your favourite concealer or foundation.